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TXTLyrics - Lyrics Archive for Webmasters

TXTLyrics - Lyrics Archive for Webmasters (73.1 mb)

A real treasure for webmasters.
A total of 133.330 lyrics, 6.800 artists/bands.
Organized simply in folders and ".txt" files. For example ;
e » Eminem » 8 Mile.txt
m » Michael Jackson » Bad.txt

No mysql needed, you can simply use PHP "readdir" function to put folders in arrays. and "include" .txt files in your PHP pages.
You can see online demo at lyricskid.com

Screenshots :

  • Lyrics Organized by Artist/Band first letters
  • letter "e" opened, band "Eamon" selected
  • band "Eamon" opened, all lyrics listed
  • band "Eamon" "4 The Rest Of Your Life" lyrics original .txt file(html tags included)
  • band "Eamon" "Fuck It" lyrics original .txt file(without html tags, <PRE> tags included to read )

    All you have to do is just to include the .txt files where you want them to exactly appear on your page. Both <PRE> and non <PRE> version works well with "include" function of PHP.

    Here is a small portion of the file which only includes "Eamon" lyrics :
    Click here to download sample file. Remember that you will get all 6,800 bands and artists in this format.

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