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Web Design
Advantages of Having a Web Site :
» You will extend your business to world markets.
» You will strengthen your business image internationally.
» You will be more advantageous compared to your rivals.
» You will discover new business opportunities and find new customers.
» You will introduce your services and products from your web pages.
» You will receive orders 24/7 a week.
» You will enjoy unlimited advertising to every market worldwide.
» You will communicate internationally with potential partners.
» You will open virtual branches! worlwide.
Web Site design :
We first collect information about our client's business sector, activity areas, products and services. Then we provide information to our client on how can they really take benefit of having a Web Site in the most economic, productive and reasonable way.
After the steps above we have a decision on our client's "Internet Policy".
After we have determined the services we can provide and principal agreement, we drive out the content of the web site in question in the light of our client's company profile, vision, targets, demands and our advices. Then we collect all images and written documents which we can use on the web site.
After this process we begin to prepare the web site. We use various programming languages depending on our client's demands and needs (HTML, PHP, MySQL ).
Soon after some additional meetings and brain storming we conclude all images and programming and the web site is ready for going online.

Domain Name Registration
The Domain Name System (DNS) helps users to find their way around the Internet. Every computer on the Internet has a unique address - just like a telephone number - which is a rather complicated string of numbers. It is called its "IP address" (IP stands for "Internet Protocol").
But it is hard to remember everyone's IP address. The DNS makes it easier by allowing a familiar string of letters (the "domain name") to be used instead of the arcane IP address. So instead of typing, you can type www.obuss.com . It is a "mnemonic" device that makes addresses easier to remember.
Translating the name into the IP address is called "resolving the domain name." The goal of the DNS is for any Internet user any place in the world to reach a specific website IP address by entering its domain name. Domain names are also used for reaching e-mail addresses and for other Internet applications.
We provide domain name registration by agreeing with the right and reliable 3rd party domain registrar company depending on our client's needs.

Hosting :
Web hosting is the service of locating the web site pages we prepare onto a server (computer) that is connected to internet. All web sites and e-mail on the Internet must reside on a web server (a computer). Web hosting services give non-technical people the ability to have a web site and e-mail, without the hassle and expense of having an in-house web server and the technical staff required for maintaining it.
The Internet connection speed of the company which provides hosting service directly effects the load of your web site's pages. This means that the more the connection speed of the server provided by the hosting company the faster the load of your web pages.
Depending on our client's needs, we provide web hosting service by agreeing with a popular and reliable 3rd party hosting company. This agreement's period can vary from pricing monthly/6 month/yearly, you can decide the period according to price discounts. We decide on agreeing a hosting company after examining the company's geographic location, internet connection speed, the support provided to certain programming languages, the speed of client support's problem solving and our client's target countries and markets.
We provide hosting solutions to only our web design customers, we do not provide hosting service single.

Banner Design
Banner Design is one of the most important advertising tool that companies can introduce their web sites or goods and services on the Internet. When designing a banner it's vital to comprehend that besides a rich image look, it's very important to deliver the message fast and to targeted audience. obuss.com, designs the most effective and enchanting images within the boundaries of the Internet standards.
We are specialized in flash(animated) banners and GIF,JPEG banners.

Interface Design in Web Applications
There are a lots of web applications produced in today's internet world where the web sites begin to have interactive functionality as well as providing rich content.
Programming products such as e-trade sites, special branch informing applications, inhouse intranet applications and e-banking operations, should function their duties with a correct web interface where all the design and imaging should serve the aim of being fast, easy to use and easy to understand.
obuss.com, produces user friendly interfaces for any Internet application, by working with the teams who formed the program, in harmony. Also reflecting the company's vision and profile when creating the interface whereas working to increase the functionality of the application itself.

Magazine, Newspaper and Billboard Ad Design
Advertising is one of the most impressive tool for a company to introduce a product, especially when this is done by picking up the correct target audience and using the correct publishing materials, it really increases the demand to company's products. But doing all these, solely, would not necessarily brings success. Besides these, the ad should be well-designed and attractive.
obuss.com, designs ads or ad pages/surfaces that fits the desired conditions, needs and that strengthens product's vision.

Interactive Applications
» Screensaver design
» Kiosk screen design
» Desktop themes design
» ATM screen design

"I need a script to do this.... can it be done?", "Here's what I usually do.... how can you make this easier?", "I have a script that I need modified.... can you do this?", "Can you convert my site to PHP/MySQL?"
The answer is yes and our prices for custom PHP/MySQL scripts are more affordable than you may think.
We have the resources to get your project complete on time and to your specifications. We will be around to answer any questions regarding the use of your new scripts and can perform any necessary maintenance or upgrades to your custom scripts should your needs change. We have the experience. We know what works in a production environment and what doesn't. We use the latest tools available to make sure your software performs optimally. We are proud of the code we write and stand behind it 100%.
The PHP scripts we develop are always designed with our client in mind. If you're going to pay the price for custom scripts, they should outperform any prepackaged suite and allow you to get work done quicker and with greater ease.
Contact us today with your requirements.

Content Consulting
Is your website a carefully planned out presence designed to attract sales, retain and inform customers and help you achieve your business goals or did it just happen?
How do you integrate your website into the everyday operations of your business? OBUSS brings experience as Internet professionals and entrepreneurs along with time-tested methods and best practices from corporate structures and translates them to your unique business model. We start each consultation by learning your goals, vision and mission, because, after all, who knows your business better than you? It is only then that we can design strategies, craft copy and customize your web presence to meet and exceed those goals.
Also translation service is provided upon request
We have the experience to get your web presence to the point your company deserves.
Contact us today for a quote.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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